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32nd Annual Fiddling and Picking Championships!

August 26, 2012
Thanks for making it out!

2012 Winners

Misc. Acoustic Instrument
First Place-Joe Pickett, Eudora, KS(Octave Mandolin)
Second Place- Ruth Byers, Lawrence, KS (Nyckelharp)

Ensemble Folk Singing
First Place- Maggie and Abbey Vogt, Erie, KS
Second Place- Linnea and Gabriel Kyne, Kansas City, MO
Third Place-Walt Babbit and Ardys Ramberg, Baldwin City, KS.

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Youth Fiddle
First Place-Elizabeth Poppe, Riley, KS
Second Place-Glen Sigler, Joplin, MO
Third Place- Emily Koke, Overland Park, KS

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Open Fiddle
First Place-Michael Thompson,
Second Place-Jason Shaw, Lincoln, NE

First Place- Ken Plummer, Augusta, KS
Second Place-Peter Oviatt, Lawrence, KS
Third Place- Matt Oliphant, Chanute, KS

First Place-Jonah Chilton, Leawood, KS
Second Place- Jason Shaw, Lincoln, NE
Third Place- Rick Faris, Topeka, KS

Finger Style Guitar
First Place- Thomas Silkman, Emporia, KS
Second Place-Kevin Hiatt, Kansas City, MO
Third Place-Bruce Huss, Wichita, KS

Flat Pick Guitar
First Place- Jason Shaw, Lincoln, NE
Second Place- John Shaw, Lincoln, NE
Third Place-Ken Plummer, Augusta, KS

Youth Award
Josh Keegan, Lenexa, KS


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Misc. Instruments
Ensemble Folk
Youth Fiddling
Open Fiddle
Flatpicking Guitar
Fingerpicking Guitar

You can find more info on the competitions here.


Wondering who won the contest last year? Click here to see a list.

You can help!

Sponsorships at all levels help us maintain this Kansas tradition. Email us to learn about sponsorship levels.

Without volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to bring you this event. Feel like pitching in? To volunteer, Email us. We’d love to have you!

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Past winners

See who the joyful winners were last year. Click here to see a list.

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